Privacy Policy: Weather Solutions Mobile Application

The Weather Solutions Mobile Application (hereinafter, the "Application") collects user data to deliver optimal weather reports and weather prediction experience to users.

Information collected online can often be categorized as either personal data or anonymous information:

Personal Data
This includes information that can eventually lead to the identification of a specific individual and sensitive personal information. Examples of such are e-mail address, mailing address, gender, age, etc.

Anonymous Information

This Application, only uses third party services from Google and Apple to uniquely represent the device/user in the system. Anonymous information refers to information that cannot lead to the identification (OD) of a specific individual. For example, we can see that a device with device ID A00001 is fetching weather information from location X. The device ID is randomly generated by either Google of Apple, and only Google or Apple can identify the user of the device. Weather Solutions (or the "Owner") cannot identify the user of the device.

The collected data, along with how it is used, stored, and/or processed by the Owner, is detailed in this policy.